Empty respose on ProtoOAApplicationAuthReq()

silvio.jurk since: 17 May 2023;

  26 May 2023, 02:46
Empty respose on ProtoOAApplicationAuthReq()


I workes since 2 years with my application on OpenAPI and all workes fine but since 2 days (25.05.23) it just don't work and is not able to connect with ProtoOAApplicationAuthReq(). I just get the following payloads: 2101 and 51. The response is always "{}". Is something happend on the protocol. The version of the api is ctrader-open-api==0.9.1. I used also the simplest sample code from tutorial but this also not worked. 

My Endpoinds are: 

class EndPoints:
    AUTH_URI = "https://openapi.ctrader.com/apps/auth"
    TOKEN_URI = "https://openapi.ctrader.com/apps/token"
    PROTOBUF_DEMO_HOST = "demo1.p.ctrader.com"
    PROTOBUF_LIVE_HOST = "live1.p.ctrader.com"
    PROTOBUF_PORT = 5035
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PanagiotisChar since: 15 Sep 2022;

  26 May 2023, 08:07

Hi there,

Do you still experience this problem? I tried it with the sample application and have no issues at the moment.

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silvio.jurk since: 17 May 2023;

  26 May 2023, 12:36

Ok I solved it. I'm just stupid... :)