Refresh access token with OpenAPI

Created at 01 Jun 2023, 18:01


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Refresh access token with OpenAPI
01 Jun 2023, 18:01

When I launch my application, first I send a ProtoOAApplicationAuthReq, and then a ProtoOAAccountAuthReq, when the access token is out of date I get an error message with "CH_ACCESS_TOKEN_INVALID"

Then I try to update it sending a ProtoOARefreshTokenReq message using my current (out of date) token but I get another "CH_ACCESS_TOKEN_INVALID" as response, I have also tried with another (random) token with the same result.

How can I refresh the access token with OpenAPI?




Panagiotis Aieden Technologies
02 Jun 2023, 09:07

Hi there, 

Make sure you are using the refresh token when you are sending the refresh token request

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