cTrader - Additional tick charts

16 Aug 2017, 15:13cTrader - Additional tick charts#1
cTrader Teamposts: 3370since: 23 Sep 2013

Soon you will have a larger selection of predefined ticks for building tick chart. You will be able to set tick charts from 1 tick up to 1000 ticks. At the same time loading time will be improved drastically. You can see below an early version of the new tick charts feature.


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17 Aug 2017, 16:55#2
der.timoschposts: 4since: 17 Aug 2017

Coming from AgenaTrader I was appreciated to be able to define custom Tick Charts. So in my eyes this will be a great addition to this platform!

24 Aug 2017, 17:24#3
Marin0ssposts: 12since: 07 Jun 2014

Great!! Thanks for adding this feature!

01 Sep 2017, 04:31#4
darkmatter_fxposts: 3since: 12 Jul 2017

This is great news! Keep up the good work

05 Oct 2017, 01:12#5
DEPESH MOHINDRAposts: 2since: 22 Aug 2015

Hey there, how soon will we able to use this feature ?



05 Oct 2017, 09:19#6
Panagiotis Charalampousposts: 2446since: 13 Jan 2017

Hi Depesh,

There isn't a release date for this feature yet. However it is in the last stages of development so it should come out soon.

Best Regards,


Head of Community Management at cTrader
01 Nov 2017, 20:29#7
n nposts: 2since: 01 Nov 2017



Any updates on this? Again if could be released within this year or is it also part of the new upcoming release along with renko charts? Also, will tick charts or renko charts be part of the mobile app as well or either one of them?




09 Dec 2017, 11:32#8
arbite83posts: 2since: 09 Dec 2017

More Tick Charts, pref, custom ones, 233 etc 4000 10000

10 Jan 2018, 21:37#9
n nposts: 2since: 01 Nov 2017

is this coming or not? It's been like 5 months now... :/ What's soon after 3 months? I don't want to wait anymore tbh there are alternatives...