Panagiotis Charalampous Explains Why cTrader Is the Best

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  14 Jan 2019, 10:16
Panagiotis Charalampous Explains Why cTrader Is the Best

At the end of 2018, cTrader has received The Best FX Trading Platform Award in London. Panagiotis Charalampous, Head of Community Management of cTrader at Spotware, met with Leaprate to speak about cTrader’s success and explain why cTrader is the best.

In his interview, Panagiotis covered the below topics:

  • How do you see cTrader setting apart from the crowd?
  • How exactly cTrader reflects Traders First™ approach?
  • Can you tell us how cTrader protects its traders?
  • Do brokers also implement Traders First™ approach and how do they benefit from it?
  • How does this philosophy affect the industry?

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  12 Mar 2020, 15:39

It looks rather attractive. Thanks.

carolynsteph16 since: 11 Aug 2020;

  11 Aug 2020, 13:26

A trading platform is in a way a tool that lies between the trader and the broker. So to a certain extent, the platform has the power to control this broker-trader relationship. And it can be either in favor of traders or not, which makes transparency a key to fairness. So, when building cTrader, our goal was to provide this transparency, ensure fair trading conditions and protect traders by prohibiting all types of manipulation myprepaidcenter activation