Released cTrader Copy Guide for Strategy Providers

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  03 Jul 2019, 09:13 Released cTrader Copy Guide for Strategy Providers

A popular online source dedicated to cTrader platform,, has published a guide for cTrader Copy focusing on the benefits of the investment platform for the Strategy Providers. The guide provides detailed information on the below topics:

  • The concept behind cTrader Copy
  • Who can become Strategy Provider
  • How Investors copy strategies
  • How Strategy Providers getting paid
  • What strategy promotional tools are available
  • How to get started with cTrader Copy

Read the full guide here

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kerrifox19 since: 11 Dec 2019;

  20 Dec 2019, 16:29

Thanks for sharing this useful information with us. 

jennifersmi827 since: 29 May 2020;

  29 May 2020, 14:03

We have recently published a detailed guide on using cTrader Copy from the perspective of investors looking to copy successful strategies. This week we are looking at Spotware’s new Copy Trading service from another angle myprepaidcenter activation

nidewey457 since: 17 Jul 2020;

  17 Jul 2020, 17:11

Hello Spotware, thanks for these additions, they are really helpful.

I have two questions:

What is the "IsHitTestVisible" property for? can we get an example?

My second question might be a request also, it seems we can't modify the grid lines inside a Grid, it would be nice to change the style, width, and color, I can use BorderPanel to circumvent this issue for the moment.