FXEmpire Explains How to Get Started with cTrader

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  06 Mar 2019, 17:20
FXEmpire Explains How to Get Started with cTrader

A reputable forex news source, FXEmpire, has published a detailed overview of cTrader stressing the importance of choosing the trading platform that addresses the traders’ needs. In its hands-on review, FXEmpire explains how to get started with cTrader, the platform’s structure, and main features, as well as some of the advanced tools. It covers:

  • cTrader installation and login,
  • What cTrader ID is and its benefits,
  • Cloud features,
  • Platform main screen overview,
  • Where to find detailed symbol information,
  • How to work with watchlists,
  • Possibilities of charting and technical analysis tools,
  • Types of orders and what information every deal provides,
  • How to review all orders and set up alerts.

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