New Features in cTrader Automate API 3.7

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 13 Feb 2020, 00:28
New Features in cTrader Automate API 3.7

I think it is great that Spotware keeps updating and improving cTrader, and the new additions on 3.7. look very nice!

However, for someone like me with very limited understanding of programming, it is sometimes hard to keep up...

I have also difficulty understanding the API reference syntax, and I really only understand code by seeing examples of it in a code snippet, indicator or cBot.

Would it be possible to get some examples of how to use these new Ticks API data?


Automate API adds Ticks to work with tick data.
Ticks is a collection of Tick objects with following properties


Note, in the previous versions tick data was accessible only if cBot or indicator was running on Tick1 chart and only for bid prices using old MarketSeries. With the new API you can access tick data from any timeframe and use bid and ask prices

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