cTrader says “No” to Scam

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  03 Dec 2020, 11:10
cTrader says “No” to Scam

The Forex business is tricky, and truth be told, there is plenty of fraudulent behaviour out there, regardless of how much regulators fight it. Unexpectedly enough, it’s not all about the broker. In fact, more often than not - it’s about the platform provider!

Some of the most widely-used platforms today allow brokers to modify prices and trades to their liking, as well as to install third-party price-feed-modifying plugins. 

cTrader’s execution, however, is based entirely on market prices that cannot be manipulated, and the platform does not allow such infamous scam plugins as the “Virtual Dealer” to change that.

Traders can rest assured that a fraudulent broker is highly unlikely to turn to cTrader’s 100% transparency and Traders First™concept, which explains our user base of millions of dedicated traders worldwide.

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