cTrader Web Levels Up Fundamental Analysis with FXStreet News

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  18 Dec 2020, 10:49
cTrader Web Levels Up Fundamental Analysis with FXStreet News

While cTrader Web is known for its advanced technicals, not everyone is aware that we also have fundamental analysis pinned down, thanks to our integration with FXStreet Economic Calendar and FXStreet News.

Be it NFP, ADP and Fed Decisions, or news on Brexit, oil supply and company earnings, cTrader Web has got you covered. All top economic events and news blasts, updated in real-time, are always available on the right-hand side of the platform, summing up for a complete fundamental analysis without leaving your trading space.

For our traders the FXStreet integration means a trustworthy fundamental analytics’ source, while for our brokers - a smart way to help keep their clients loyal and avoid the risk of them being exposed to third-party-sites, which potentially showcast other brokers, many of who may be fraudulent, yet successful at luring in unsuspecting traders.

You can view this feature, as well as many others on cTrader Web.

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