ROI calculation stuck

haasbroeknardus since: 05 Apr 2019;

  05 Apr 2019, 08:46
ROI calculation stuck

When i started i wiped my account and my Roi went to -100%

and then iwiped again. 

so i was fine with the -100% Roi as it is as it should be. 

but now i have fied most of the prob,ems with my strategy and it is working. 

and i am 160k pips into profit 

i have made back everything i have lost. 

and yet my ROI is still -100%

why is that? and i cant find an email to contact anyone at ccopy or spotware and my broker says they cant help me it is with spotware. 


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PanagiotisCharalampous since: 13 Jan 2017;

  05 Apr 2019, 09:52

Hi haasbroeknardus,

Thank you for posting in our forum. You can find an explanation of how the ROI is calculated here. If you still think the calculation is wrong, please send me your strategy and we will investigate further.

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Head of Community Management at cTrader