Privacy rules should apply for subscriber information

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SmallStep since: 10 Nov 2020;

  08 Apr 2021, 02:31
Privacy rules should apply for subscriber information

Recently i started my own ctrader signal and did a demo follow. I received an email about this new subscriber whereby it stated 1st line Account Number that was copying the signal

subscription confirmation email

I am fine with my own strategy account number shown on email as this is not visible to my subscriber. But i am very concern that a strategy provider/signal provider can view my account number in the confirmation email. This should be changed to print first 3 digits followed by a series of *** perhaps last digit is also visible. This is to protect the subscriber's privacy as the trading account number is essential detail that should NOT be displayed

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PanagiotisCharalampous since: 13 Jan 2017;

  08 Apr 2021, 08:25

Hi SmallStep,

Thanks for your feedback. I will forward it to the product team.

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