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19 May 2023, 19:59

Hi, when ever I make a withdrawal or remove some funds from copying account, a big position would appear closed in minus after withdrawal and the P&L goes down. For example I had $1102 balance and I withdrawn $100 after removing funds my balance is 900$ however it should've been 1002 since I removed 100 only. I don't understand why the minus position would appear closed in history as soon as funds some funds are withdrawn from the account. The email received right after withdrawal also confirms (Copy trading account balance as 1002.23) but in the actual copying account its now $900 I understand that the fees is charged but the strategy I am copying has performance fee of 30% and 10% management fee, this rounds up to a total of 40%. 
So if I took out 100$ the free deducted must be 40$. But my account balance turned 900$ as some position that was not even there in the open positions before had now appear closed in minus with -102$. This happens every time after removing funds and makes no sense at all. The strategy provider does not even know why this is happening. 

Copying trading account: 2211518
Raw trading account: 2112734


Panagiotis Aieden Technologies
22 May 2023, 09:25

Hi there,

Looks like equity to equity readjustment. Read more here.

Aieden Technologies

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