Ctrade ROI/Copy/SmallAccounds - how to use ROI runners

Created at 01 Jun 2023, 09:03

Ctrade Copy Guy

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Ctrade ROI/Copy/SmallAccounds - how to use ROI runners
01 Jun 2023, 09:03

Hi, many of you are complaining about cheated ROI, that there are small accounts, that people play from $1, that the minimum deposit should be $1000, etc etc. I believe that if someone made more than $1,000 with $1, I don't blame them, on the contrary, I regret that I wasn't in the copy with them.


I want to share with you what I've been doing for the last few months and how quickly I multiplied my capital thanks to the Ctrader platform.



I started by finding a few strategies that have high roi and fly with percentages like crazy, I invested $ 1000 in 5 different ones, $ 200 each, 2 out of 5 accounts died after a few days but the remaining 3 for the next 2 weeks made me over 500% each, my capital increased to over 2.2k,

I paid myself $500 and reinvested the rest in the next accounts with a high roi, this way I'm already connected to over 15 accounts that earn money, the capital I invested has already returned a long time ago and I'm jumping account to account by connecting to new runners for ROI.


Instead of complaining how the system is bad that people have a lot of ROI and make $100 out of $1, maybe start using it :) Regards


01 Jun 2023, 19:25

Hi there,

While you seem to be sharing the "infallible" formula for the success, by doing basic math, it becomes evident that you're still able to burn half of your initial investment.

Good luck with your theory!


Ctrade Copy Guy
11 Sep 2023, 08:46


this is some kind of joke, this guy is killing my account today, and his ROI shows that it is going up 2000% and his equilti shows that it is down 40%... it can't be like that



Equiti show true that he is go down… 



Wtf is that