Max Balance Drawdown error

Created at 05 Jun 2023, 04:51


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Max Balance Drawdown error
05 Jun 2023, 04:51

Hello ctrader support team!

My copy trading Strategy account has Max Balance Drawdown error.
Specifically, on 5/5/2023 my account has:
balance: 1008.75$
stop loss: -132.53$
=> Drawdown = -132.53/1008.75= 13.138%.

I also tested my account Drawdown at myfxboook and the same drawdown result ~13.138%

However, ctrader's reporting system calculates my Drawdown as 45.56%. I believe this is an inaccurate metric affecting my copy account and the client's.

I want ctrader to check and correct the exact statistics for my account at the link:

In addition, my other 2 strategies accounts also have the same Drawdown error, please check both of these accounts

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!



cTrader Team
05 Jun 2023, 08:23

Dear trader,

We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed in an upcoming update.

Best regards,

cTrader Team