Alerts (price / take profit / stop loss)


PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Hi yassero,

This is a phone setting not an app setting. All Android notifications play a sound if your phone is not silent. Check your phone settings.

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Hi, ofcourse the phone is not silent and all notifications for Pepperstone cTrader app are set to allowed. Either using the phone or in sleep mode doesn't make a difference. When I am using other apps, like a browser or so, the price alert on Pepperstone app does not beep or show a notification on the bar and even when I switch back to the app, I find that the price has already been reached and price alert set has already been removed ofcourse. I only scenario where I see a notification is when I am using the app. A small bar then pops up with the alert but no beep or any kind of sound. This is useless cause I am already using the app and can view the prices myself. I am hopeful to have it working like in my Oanda app that even if the phone is in sleep, it beeps the phone notification sound and leaves a notification on the top bar.