Multiple App improvements

Jafor47 since: 25 May 2020;

  25 May 2020, 13:13
Multiple App improvements

 - Lock trendline so this doesn't accidentally move when scrolling through graphs. 

- Include profit/loss amount on pop up notification

- Add currency/country flags/symbol next to the pairs. 

- full dark mode, not just on graphs.

- increase space between lot size and buy/sell to avoid accidental orders being placed.

- For history section, ability to select day, week, month like MetaTrader.

- The number of trades/positions currently in place on the Watchlist next to the symbol to stand out/highlighted with some colour.

- ability to sort trade/watch list currency of pairs traded, most recently traded, A-Z, most frequently etc. 

- Ability to edit Price Alerts and option to view price alert in graphs

- In the closed trade details, red/green coloured font for Commission and Net Real P&L and maybe make this more bold.

- When a trade is closed, the notification only opens the app. Suggestion is to take to the full details of the completed order.