cTrader mobile suggestions

cTrader mobile suggestions

 I think the updates so far have been awesome... However, I would love that there should be a way of jumping to back to date when changing timeframe rather than always retuning to the current market point. What I mean, for example, when back testing using multi timeframe, a more desirable feature would be to be able to jump to the date of back test rather than current market point, since there is a bottom that already could bring the user to the current market point.

Also, I request there should also be a specific way of selecting drawing tools/objects(e.g. Trendline, etc) for adjustment. For example, I face a lot of problems when I try to scroll back in time and my finger accidentally passes through a drawing tools like horizontal line, rectangle, Trendline, etc and changes its location or point; then I have to start redrawing all over again. I suggest double tapping a drawing tool before attempting to adjust it instead of just a tap.

I also think there should be a user customised way of reducing the height/size of the indicator window.

Many brokers, if not all, do not have currency indexes, futures, energies, and other markets provided in their cTrader platform and I think it's important we have them because there are also major markets people trade.

I noticed also that cTrader doesn't allow any bonuses in most brokers, if not all, and I think it's important to allow it.

And lastly, a magnifier would be needed when working with objects, for precision. For example, many mobile cTrader users don't have a large screen as their laptops for a mobile phone, hence things are smaller; so when using items like rectangle tool especially, there should be a magnifier to look specifically at areas where the finger is.

With the effort that the spotware team puts into upgrading the application, I think really with these other modifications I mentioned, that spotware would be, in no time, on top of the game... I commend your improvements and I wish to get a response from you.

Awesome team.