My app opens with only WiFi not 4G. since: 10 Jun 2021;

  10 Jun 2021, 03:24
My app opens with only WiFi not 4G.

Hi, guys

I can't open C trader app with 4G but its working in Only Wifi zone. 

I have used it for 3yrs without any problems 

but its not working suddenly. 

All Same circumtances but I dont know why its not open with 4G. 

Is there someone have a solutions? 
thank you in advance. 

mohanrajdeenadayalan since: 01 Jun 2021;

  15 Jun 2021, 12:40
C trader APP NOT Working on 4G


  I’m from Australia,

im having Telstra Mobile data connection and Vodaphone mobile data connection

i have iPhone 11pro all software up to date.

suddenly C trader app stopped working on Telstra 4G network for the past 40 days.

it was working fine before.

But my recent bought Vodaphone 4G mobile data sim makes this C trader app works fine on my IPhone.

I checked with Telstra network technical team, Apple Support , no one can find out this issue.

any help from the community pls.

can any one send the details to contact C trader App support.



PanagiotisCharalampous's avatar

PanagiotisCharalampous since: 13 Jan 2017;

  15 Jun 2021, 14:04

Hi mohanrajdeenadayalan,

We had several reports regarding this issue with this ISP. The issue seems related with specific ISP providers and there is not much we can do about this unfortunately.

Best Regards,


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