cTrader Mobile cannot connect after 4.7 update

Created at 28 Apr 2023, 20:41
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Nurul Yaqin

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cTrader Mobile cannot connect after 4.7 update
28 Apr 2023, 20:41

I would like to report and ask for help to the cTrader team, especially cTrader mobile. After I updated cTrader mobile to version 4.7, my cTrader cannot connect as usual, and only spins around (connecting...) This happens on cTrader android/iOS. and on older versions of cTrader it can still be accessed as usual. Please fix this connection problem, this is very disturbing to our trading, I live in Indonesia. I have tried all the internet providers available, but the results are the same.
Thank You

Version 4.7 & Old version

New Version 4.7Old version

cTrader Mobile

Guido Pinheiro Diemer
02 May 2023, 00:30

I'm going through the same problem.. It keeps connecting for almost 1 minute.. That's too bad.