Let's talk about the order execution speed ! !

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Panagiotis Charalampous said:

Hi George,

Spotware has given an answer to the original post. Please let me know what points of the discussion are not covered and which questions remain unanswered so I can elaborate.

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The below comments have not been answered.

i question the point made by the Spotware rep, which is valid ONLY IF the said counterparty is not one of the major LPs.  what i mean is this:

all LPs in the following categories:  Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks, major quantitative funds and hedge funds, institutional ECNs, major PBs and PoPs all have a presence in both NY and London at the very least (most will also have a presence in Tokyo); further, all institutional aggregators and ECNs such as Integral, Currenex, EBS, FXAll, HotSpotFX, FastMatch, BARX FX, ParFX,  GAIN GTX, FXSpotStream, etc, will have a connectivity presence in all major Equinix data centers: NY, London, and Tokyo.

so i do not understand why a retail client's order should get matched to a counterparty in NY if the order is issued on the London server. that would be extremely poor routing when all the necessary liquidity is already there available at Equinix London.

and then you have the problem of last-look. but that only applies for orders larger than 100M notional on the majors.  there is huge and thus plenty of liquidity to execute against at volume levels from 10K to 100M on all majors. so last-look should not be a cause of execution delays for the average retail size order.

to conclude:  here's an interesting fact:  trading from the East coast of North America with Darwinex who only has server at Equinix London data center, the execution remains consistently stable at around 100ms when orders are filled on the LMAX MTF. LMAX enforces a no-last-look policy.  

so, Spotware rep, could you please comment on this?

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Hi George,

These questions cannot be answered by Spotware. Brokers choose their own liquidity providers so maybe you should address these questions to them. You are comparing Darwinex, which is a broker, with Spotware, a technology provider. As said above, we do not control the entire order routing chain, therefore we cannot control all the parts of the process. As mentioned in one of the posts in this discussion, different brokers offer different execution speeds, therefore it does not seem to be a general platform problem.

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Traders do pay a high concern of interest on the platform/broker execution time. On the average, we have seen an execution time over 200ms on most brokers in the past on the cTrader platform. The question is today, has it improved or declined over the last year? It has definitely improved and many brokers have an execution time today of only 80ms. This is a big step forward for the platform and a money saver for the trader at the end. If this continues we might even see a further decline of execution times in the future and maybe the lowest execution time delivered to a trader from a retail platform.

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This delays happens when canceling orders too?

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Why are the Spotware Server located at Equinix LD5 when most liquidity providers reside in the Equinix NY4 ?
Looking at e.g. Pepperstone or ICMarkets - all of their Mt4/Mt5 infrastructure and LPs are in NY.

From my understanding (and please correct me if I am wrong!):
- Unfortunately for e.g. ICMarkets customers, it doesn't matter how slick and fast the cTrader Platform is -> when it comes to the trade in most cases it has to go from London to NY (100+ ms)
- There is almost always going to be a delay in order execution as you have to cross the ocean.
- FXPro and some other brokers may have most of their LPs in London. Who knows? Information on it is scarce and not publicly available.
- So trade executions all depend on the LPs of the individual broker and where they inject the liquidity in which instrument
- Unfortunately it seems the only way to find out about trade execution is to trade a live account with different setups (mt4, cTrader) (vps in NY4 / LD5)

Nevertheless, in Equinix NY4 most liquidity is happening - so why does Spotware have their Server in London?