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damian8 said:

Hi Panagiotis, I seem to hit 1000MB RAM usage within an hour or so of trading. My workspace has two tick charts, several indicators on each. And a daily chart.

It seems that once I get to appox 1000MB, cTrader slows right down and I have to restart. I have 8gb memory, and my PC tends to operate usingĀ about 50% of that.

Hi dmn,

Do you use custom indicators or built in ones? If you use custom indicators can you send them to me? I will need to have your exact setup in order to say if this is an issue or not.

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09 Jan 2019, 19:25#22
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After today's update I'm having (again) similar problem with my cTrader desktop - it's consuming much more RAM (over 1GB) and CPU (ca. 8-16%) than usually, which makes it sluggish and even unresponsive for a few seconds. Market orders seem to be going through rather normally, but they are shown on the screen with a few seconds delay (as is sound) and I can't be sure if the delay is in the processing of the order or just in showing the info. Anyway it's not performing well.

First time this happened was around the time this thread was started (after one of the updates). After the next updates issue seemed to be fixed, but now it's back again, and for me it almost makes cTrader unusable for live trading.

I suppose the issue is connected to the way indicators lines are drawn or redrawn, because I use a lot of custom indicators with a lot of lines (mostly WMAs (which calculated on Open of bar, not on close, to prevent unnecessary CPU usage), and overall, rather a lot of formulas in my indicators are re-calculed on each tick.

There are limits to the way I can optimize those indis, so it would be great if you fixed the issue on your side (I've been using the same indicators for over a year or more without an issue).

I can share my indicators if that helps resolve the problem.

I'm gonna paste the link to that thread in troubleshooting window in cTrader.

10 Jan 2019, 09:52#23
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Hi Filip,

We did not receive any troubleshooting inforrmation with a link to this thread. Can you please send it again? We will also need your indicators as well as your settings file. Your settings file is located hereĀ C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\<BROKERNAME cTrader>\Settings\settings.ctr201. You can send them at

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