Cannot find Advanced Protection

09 Dec 2018, 12:25Cannot find Advanced Protection#1
eirik_1993posts: 12since: 05 Dec 2018


I am currently testing out the Pepperstone Ctrader demo platform. I watch tutorials on how to set up advanced take profit levels, but I can not find it anywhere in my own Ctrader platform. Is it not possible with the demo, or am I doing something wrong?

09 Dec 2018, 12:29#2
eirik_1993posts: 12since: 05 Dec 2018

The shield icon is nowhere to be found. 

Is it not possible to set different take profit levels before placing the order?

10 Dec 2018, 10:56#3
Panagiotis Charalampousposts: 3188since: 13 Jan 2017

Hi eirik_1993,

Advanced protection is only available after the position is created.

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Head of Community Management at cTrader
19 Apr 2019, 03:51#4
bewider@gmail.composts: 2since: 02 Jul 2018


can you please make it available when setting the trade, like half of my position will be closed after 12 pips are reached and the second half after reaching 24 pips?

Also, advanced protection is not working sometimes. I'm using cTrader with latest updates on Windows 10, broker FX PIG and sometimes I put on a trade, try to click on the advanced protection icon and nothing happens. After about an hour or so I try to click on the icon again and suddenly it's working. It's totally random when it's working and when not. 

Can you please do something about that?

Thank you.