Different currencies fix, simple problem?.

15 Apr 2019, 22:44Different currencies fix, simple problem?.#1
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Hi! I've been using the cTrader web for a while now, and just started using the desktop version when I discovered a problem that really irritates me. I don't know if this is only for me, but I really wanna fix it. The settings didn't help me at all, so please think further or reply on how to fix it, thanks!

So here's the problem: For example, if I'm trading on EURUSD, and when I'm going choose the lot size it doesn't let me choose 0.01 to 0.03 for instance.(it did this on the web version). Instead of shoving that type of pip value, it shows the pip value with currency, in this situation(£). I'll just throw a picture below, since my English isn't that good.



I tried typing: "I want it to show 0.01 instead of 1k as my lowest lot size.

If im trading on XAUUSD, it shows 1 oz instead of 0.01. That means that the currency change also change the lot size thing, if you know what i mean.

How can I fix this? 

15 Apr 2019, 22:49#2
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Go to settings and change this setting to "Lots"

15 Apr 2019, 23:04#3
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Thanks so much!