Balance Drawdown and Equity Drawdown

daleywill4 since: 05 Feb 2021;

  23 Feb 2021, 16:53
Balance Drawdown and Equity Drawdown


I am sure this is a simple question however, I am a little confused as to the numbers I am seeing in my trading history. I am to understand that the balance drawdown is a percentage drop (if one occurs) in the balance once the position has closed. Alternatively, an equity drawdown expresses any drops that my occur during the course of the trade being open. When back testing I can clearly see the equity drawdown and balance drawdown split out into two. However, when I look at my trading history there is only one tag, "drawdown." Is this the equity drawdown, or the balance draw down?

My second question can be demonstrated in the two pictures below. 

Both pictures show the same point on the graph however, one of the screenshots is of a shorter time period which excludes some deposits I made into the account. From the screenshots you can see that the equity drawdown has changed for some reason from 9.85% to 1.81%. Can anyone explain this?

Thank you