Losing Automate Display

Xammo since: 23 Jun 2021;

  06 Sep 2022, 15:25
Losing Automate Display

I reported this already but didn't get any response then thought it was working ok once I had updated everything to latest cTrader/VS2022/.Net6.0 but it is still happening

I don't know in what order things are causing it to happen but basically I am losing all the display of the Automate windows (chart/parameters/tabs along the bottom etc.) when I try to switch between backtest instances/bots - seems to be after I have had a backtest running for some time

If I just have one backtest running and don't switch to the code editor/another backtest the display stays - sometimes if I switch between code editor/backtest instances everything is fine then sometimes I just get no display everything dissapears and clicking on any of the backtest instances/code editors doesn't work

Only way to resolve is to restart cTrader

It's getting annoying as obviously I lose all the results of the backtests as well as having to keep restarting of course...

Happening on both VPS's (Beeks Gold)



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PanagiotisCharalampous since: 13 Jan 2017;

  06 Sep 2022, 15:35

Hi Max,

It has been reported again but we haven't managed to isolate the steps either. If you manage to do so, please post them in this thread.

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Xammo since: 23 Jun 2021;

  06 Sep 2022, 15:43

Hi Panagiotis

Thanks - are you able to test on a Beeks VPS or equivalent? Their VPS's are running on VMWare with a VMWare SVGA 3D display adapter/Windows Server 2012 R2 in the Gold tier at least anyway

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to when/why it is happening no idea how am gonna pinpoint what is causing it other than 'oh ok ****** it's happened again'... then I can screenshot it (useless I think?) restart (annoying) and start again (losing all the backtest results)

Anything I can do/send that would help?

Xammo since: 23 Jun 2021;

  07 Sep 2022, 01:21

It keeps happening and is getting really annoying/also just seen another person has posted reporting the same issue

Panagiotis try running a backtest on tick data from the server - hourly chart - trade every hour and let it run for 6 months plus then try clicking on another bot/instance/code editor - this is when it seems to be happening for me

Xammo since: 23 Jun 2021;

  07 Sep 2022, 01:47

If it might make any difference set access rights to full in the bot too just realised I've got that set aswell

Also looking at the screenshot in the other ticket about this it seems they are with Raw Trading Ltd same as me - could that have something to do with it? I downloaded cTrader from their site once logged in to my account in the download area -

DASOLMA since: 06 Oct 2022;

  23 Nov 2022, 21:29
Have the same issue on 4.4.19

I have the same issue on cTrader 4.4.19, on both Pepperstone and IC Markets brokers. The only way to temporary fix the issue (which is not a fix, is more like a band-aid solution) is to stop the bots and restart cTrader app. Also, once cTrader is started, if I don't move between the bots or Ctrade sections (e.g. between Automate and Trade), the current bot chart display (and Parameters and/or Tradewatch) is/are maintained. However the issue is supper annoying, can someone from cTrade support respond please? I will also raise a ticket.



Xammo since: 23 Jun 2021;

  24 Nov 2022, 00:20

I can confirm it is still happening for me and it is still definitely very much, as stated by Gabriel, super annoying!

Glad at least that someone else is experiencing it but where is everyone else/why are there only a few of us having this issue and odd that Spotware can’t reproduce it but totally understood these things happen and can be difficult to track down etc.

I have two instances of 4.1 running on one VPS for my monitoring bots and they never ever have this issue… ever.

I have 4.4.19 (issue started in 4.2 all the way up through the versions) running on the other VPS for my live trading and it happens almost every time I logon throughout the day to check the bots (if I logon/flip back to the VPS only half an hour to an hour after the previous restart sometimes it is ok)

I am also occasionally getting a pop up error (from cTrader) when I logon to the VPS that ‘cTrader has experienced an issue and needs to be restarted’ which I click OK on then check to see if I can see the other bots automate displays and if I can just leave it and it seems to run fine otherwise if I can’t I restart anyway

oh and I have recently occasionally started getting a ‘check online/close/restart’ windows pop up error that when I hit close closes one (I have three instances running) of the cTraders… ‘ummm errr that’s not good ok whatever fire it up again ok cool it’s running good fingers crossed let’s hope it stays that way eh…’

double oh - I have also started getting a similar type of windows error that something caused something to crash when I close visual studio which I have a hunch is connected to the cTrader thing which used to be a separate VSIX install but is now a Nuget package to enable editing bots in VS… I dunno and honestly don’t really care got enough going on but yeh it feels like cTrader is managing to hop along on a wing and a prayer that thankfully I’ve whittled my strategy down to work around these types of issues (as long as I ‘baby/botsit every few hours/at least once a day!) it’s well annoying but yeh I guess it’s c’est la vie until 4.x.xx comes along and hopefully fixes it/them…!

Xammo since: 23 Jun 2021;

  24 Nov 2022, 00:27

PS - Gabriel I guess you know it’s possible to set the bots to auto restart depending on what startup ‘mode’ you have cTrader in but perhaps that’s not possible for you if you want the mode that doesn’t allow it - this issue would be seriously driving me up the wall if I had to stop/start the bots every time!

Lange.Violeta since: 25 Aug 2022;

  25 Nov 2022, 01:53

I had this problem back in August. It appears after half an hour of work of advisors on the VPS. My friend even sent a detailed description and pictures in Telegram to the moderator. The moderator did not even consider it proper to answer this question. Since I am a live trader all the time and this position is a money killer, I had to downgrade to version 4.1 and it works fine. Another friend of mine also put Expert Advisors on the VPS and got the same thing. So the problem is easy to reproduce. I and others have long described it step by step. I think this is in the code of the terminal itself, some variable is uninitialized and the developers cannot find this place in any way. The developers are making more and more new versions, on which it is impossible to trade on VPS. This is absurd and a bad attitude towards people. I wish them to experience what they subject people to. Written as is. Someone may not like it.

Xammo since: 23 Jun 2021;

  25 Nov 2022, 01:30

Another user having the same issue - https://ctrader.com/forum/ctrader-support/39455?page=1#2