Losing Automate Display

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  25 Nov 2022, 05:03
Losing Automate Display

Xammo said:

PS - Gabriel I guess you know it’s possible to set the bots to auto restart depending on what startup ‘mode’ you have cTrader in but perhaps that’s not possible for you if you want the mode that doesn’t allow it - this issue would be seriously driving me up the wall if I had to stop/start the bots every time!

Thanks Max, I know about the Multiple profiles startup mode, but I prefer to stop/start the bots manually before restarting the cTrade instance, I don't have many bots running simultaneously right now and I'm restarting in periods of low market activity so I lose no transaction. Just installed 4.5.1 version, unfortunately I have the same issue (losing automate display).

I have submitted a ticket pointing them to this thread.



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  25 Nov 2022, 12:59

Hi Gabriel

OK yup fair enough totally understand why you'd want to manually stop/start them then - not so much fun if you've got a dozen or more bots running in each instance of cTrader though ;)

Yes I also got the 4.5 update and was hoping to test and see if this issue had been resolved but this issue didn't even give me a chance to check it out and has made up my mind I'm sticking with 4.1 even though it means I still have issues but issues I can live with frustrating as they are and hopefully will not affect my trading!

Best o luck