On Close Alert.

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matt92 since: 11 Dec 2015;

  18 Mar 2023, 05:39
On Close Alert.

Currently price alerts can notify when bid/ask is higher/lower or equal to set price, I would like to have price alerts be able to notify when bid/ask closes higher/lower or equal to set price.
That would be really great.

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vegaxlr.developer since: 14 Feb 2023;

  29 Mar 2023, 09:56

Hello matt92, I think you will like this indicator that I created:

It works with Trendlines, Horizontal Lines and Vertical Lines (as many as you want)

This indicator automatically detects all the lines on your chart.

It will alert you if the candle closed above, below or just touched and it works even with gaps.

You can comment the lines and the comment will show up in the alert.

It allows traders to receive alerts through sound, email, Telegram and pop-up notifications

I hope that helps.