Created at 04 Sep 2023, 19:40


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04 Sep 2023, 19:40

Change color of actual economics data after release  green for positive effect and red for negative  effect 


05 Sep 2023, 15:05

I really like the suggestion to change the calendar color for economic data after its release. Making the calendar event turn green for a positive number and red for a negative one would allow you to quickly visualize the impact of each data point at a glance.

This would be especially helpful around high impact events like nonfarm payrolls or GDP. Rather than having to scan the actual numbers, you could open up the calendar and immediately see the dots of red or green that tell the story.

It would also help when looking back at past data releases to identify periods where the numbers consistently came in hot or cold. The color coding would make trends and patterns stand out.

Overall I think this would be a simple but useful enhancement to the calendar 2024. Having that instant visual indicator of positive/negative could really aid analysis around economic reports. Great quality of life improvement for traders checking the calendar daily!