Seeking Input: Developing a GPT for Forex Traders

Created at 19 Nov 2023, 08:57


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Seeking Input: Developing a GPT for Forex Traders
19 Nov 2023, 08:57

Dear Forum Members:

Chat GPT has posted a new function, which allows users to customize chatgpt for a specific purpose.

I am contemplating the development of a GPT model specifically designed for forex traders, aimed at providing trading advice and analysis. Before proceeding further with the planning and development, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

The primary goal of this model is to harness the powerful analytical capabilities of GPT to provide insights into forex market trends, risk assessments, and trading strategies. It might include, but not be limited to, the following features:

  1. Economic event Analysis: Analyzing the impact of economic events on certain forex pairs.
  2. Real-time Market Analysis: Interpreting market data to provide instant insights into market dynamics.
  3. Risk Assessment: Helping identify potential trading risks and opportunities.
  4. Trading Strategy Suggestions: Offering customized trading strategies based on historical data and current market conditions.

I am particularly interested in your opinions on:

  • How do you think such a model could potentially assist in your trading?
  • What specific features or tools would you like to see in such a model?
  • Do you have any concerns or reservations about such a model?

Your feedback is invaluable to me and will directly influence the direction of this project. I am eager to hear your valuable opinions!

Thank you!