Mobile App Notifcations

MN89 since: 16 Aug 2015;

  25 Sep 2015, 22:46
Mobile App Notifcations

Hi Spotware,

I'm generally quite pleased with the Platform although I have one key problem that has really plagued me so far.. The only way for me to access the trading Platform whilst I'm at work is via the mobile app (I'm using the IC Markets cTrader app). I'm using a cBot which is run on a VPS and each time an order is placed or modifications are made to my positions I get a notification in the app..

This poses a real problem because I get FLOODED with notifications because my cBot makes a lot of modifications. I literally can't even see my positions let alone close them out manually. It isn't until after I've tapped my screen 50 times rapidly to close the barrage of notifications that I'm actually able to do anything. My trades only last a few seconds so I can't be dealing with all of these popups. PLEASE tell me there is a way to disable them? 

Lastly, as an extension to this - I was going to suggest that it would also be good to be able to see your profit/loss position when you're manually closing out on the app, however I've just tested this with a demo account and the reason I've never been able to see my P&L position is because the notifications have always been in the way of the position at the bottom. These notifications really are a bugbear and I hope they can be disabled.


MN89 since: 16 Aug 2015;

  26 Sep 2015, 09:11

I should have specified - iPhone 6 on iOS 8.4.1. Will be updating to 9.0 today.

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Spotware since: 23 Sep 2013;

  28 Sep 2015, 20:16

Dear Trader

Currently we do not provide users the ability to disable the popup notifications. We will consider providing it in the future. Additionally, you can post your ideas/suggestions to

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MN89 since: 16 Aug 2015;

  03 Oct 2015, 09:06

Hi team, 

I have followed your suggestion and voted for this but I have to say, I really don't think it should be something that requires a vote or 'popular opinion' before it is addressed. I'm literally being prevented from monitoring and closing my positions - it doesn't get any more fundamental than that surely?! Having loads of great functionality is all well and good but what use is it if you can't monitor or close your trades?!!! I really like the cTrader Platform but I think this is something that needs to be fixed immediately.

I had 4 positions on the NFP release yesterday and couldn't see a single one of them. It's like putting someone in charge of a car and blacking out the windscreen but saying 'it's not something that's of immediate concern to us, but feel free to vote for it while we continue to work on making the wheels look nicer'.