Ctrader web no longer supported on chromebook browser

10 Apr 2019, 23:20Ctrader web no longer supported on chromebook browser#1
mholmes01posts: 3since: 10 Apr 2019

so tonight tried to log in and got an error saying browser is not supported. I am using a chromebook with the latest software and chrome browser.

broker has told me ctrader is not supporting chrome os which is the laptop I bought to trade from. This seams crazy to not support what essentially is chrome but on a chromebook 

is is anyone else in same situation?

11 Apr 2019, 00:25#2
nicholas.th0ms0nposts: 2since: 11 Apr 2019

Hi, I have exactly the same issue, but have not been told it's not supported. When I log in, it asks me to install Google Chrome or Firefox, needless to say on an Acer Chromebook, funnily enough, I'm already running the latest version of Google Chrome. Tried very hard to resolve with broker to no avail and all they could say was to email support@spotware.com.  Been trying to get fixed for 5 hours and have big trades running, awful situation, only have 2 chromebooks.  Have successfully traded this way for years and never had a problem.  Very worried indeed if it's true it's no longer supported.


11 Apr 2019, 15:01RE:#3
anglina21posts: 1since: 11 Apr 2019

I also facing the same error, I also tried to log in but I got an error my browser says that browser is not supported when I tried to update my Chromebook it shows an error iTunes sync error 54, so I  really want a proper solution how to remove this error as soon as possible.

11 Apr 2019, 23:03#4
mholmes01posts: 3since: 10 Apr 2019

Not getting too far with a solution as of yet. Broker said they are talking to ctrader but if they cant fix the issue i will have to change broker to use another web platform that works on chromebook.

17 Apr 2019, 21:03#5
nicholas.th0ms0nposts: 2since: 11 Apr 2019

Hi, hope this helps, I emailed feedback@spotware.com to follow up the support issue to say - I've now logged in successfully from my Chromebook so it would appear that this is now fixed.  I would appreciate some feedback as to what happened and why please.  They replied - 

Hi Nicholas,​

We have resolved the bug. Please note the Chromebook is not officially supported by cTrader therefore we do not run tests on such a configuration. You can check here the officially supported operating systems and browsers. 

Kind Regards
Spotware Feedback Team

so, it was a bug and it's now fixed, BUT might happen again - I've placed hundreds of trades with them this way for years so will continue for now same way, but buying a new windows configured laptop as backup.  The thing is, Chromebook works fast and efficiently if you have a good internet connection and nothingelse running, perfect for execution and lightweight.  Best of luck.