cTrader Web 4.5 feels too 'heavy' on safari

HugTheWolf since: 06 Apr 2021;

  26 Jan 2023, 10:15
cTrader Web 4.5 feels too 'heavy' on safari

Hi, just wanted to comment on the newly updated version of cTrader web 4.5. It feels too 'heavy' on safari and isn't as smooth as the previous one. 

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Spotware since: 23 Sep 2013;

  02 Feb 2023, 11:26

Dear trader,

Thank you for reporting this message. We have conducted performance tests and they indicate that the performance of the latest version has been improved. Nevertheless, cTrader Web is a complicated and resource intensive application, therefore you could occasionally receive such messages.

Best regards,

cTrader Team

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swapd0 since: 07 Oct 2019;

  15 Feb 2023, 18:55

I've the same issue on Mac with Chrome, it runs way slower than the previous version and eats a lot of bandwidth, I can't have several windows (2 or 3) with cTrader web running.

patsan since: 01 Dec 2022;

  17 Feb 2023, 17:44

Same here, Mac and Chrome.

It's a big difference compared to previous version. Before my fans never started during the day, now they start almost as soon as I open it.

It's also noticeable when I try to delete objects on the chart. I select and press delete. Takes a good second for it to disappear. 

patsan since: 01 Dec 2022;

  07 Mar 2023, 11:48

So far it seems like the new version is an improvement. Good job!