linking my ctrader id and brokers trading account

Created at 09 Apr 2023, 18:51


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linking my ctrader id and brokers trading account
09 Apr 2023, 18:51

I am trying to copytrade my trades and ctrader website gives me this message to link the account:

To complete this action, you must have at least one trading account linked to your cTrader ID.

To link a trading account to your cTrader ID, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your broker's cTrader Web platform. The web address is normally in the format For example the Spotware cTrader Web demo is at
  2. Sign in to the platform or create a new trading account and then sign in. You must check Remember Password.
  3. Login to your cTrader ID by clicking Login at the top right of platform. Your trading account will be automatically linked.
  4. Refresh this page. Your newly linked account should appear here.

    the problem is number 3. I can not see a Login sign on the top of right corner after i am logged already in my trading account.