hello i can't withdraw my money

Created at 13 May 2023, 23:54


Joined 13.05.2023

hello i can't withdraw my money
13 May 2023, 23:54

hi when i press the withdraw money button it redirects me to a site

and this site asks for username and password

When I enter my ctrader information here, it does not accept

I say reset my password, when I enter my ctrader username with the last 4 digits of my phone number, it still does not accept

ctrader does not accept when I enter my information

(The text in the picture is : Please make sure your username/password information is correct or contact your investment representative.)



Panagiotis Aieden Technologies
15 May 2023, 08:43

Hi there,

You should talk to your broker directly regarding deposit and withdrawal issues.

Aieden Technologies

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