08 Feb 2019, 20:35Help#1
cnogueiramatsumuraposts: 2since: 31 Jan 2019

Where i can get my logon to and make some tests with api

11 Feb 2019, 15:01#2
terryww2posts: 35since: 22 Nov 2018



in cTrader look for settings (usually lower left corner). There should be a section called FIX API. Click on it and you should get all the needed info. The password should be in your email. If it's not, you can just reset the FIX API password in the FIX API section in cTrader settings.


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12 Feb 2019, 18:36Login Help#3
cnogueiramatsumuraposts: 2since: 31 Jan 2019

I have get my account details, and i have create a connection 

if i check with netstat i got STABILISH connection, but this is only 30 secondos, connection drop after this

when i try logon, i got information about logon and i belive i was loged in


first time when i try log on i receive same msg log from fix protocol, now i try log on again with the same

string and i receive a erron, have a method to know if i'm logged in on protocol server, the only status connection

i can get is from tpc status, i wanna fix status and another msg, if i try log on again with the same string i receive a empty string