Questions concerning the new FIX API implementation

ian.p.johnson1 since: 15 Aug 2016;

  22 Aug 2016, 04:37
Questions concerning the new FIX API implementation

And in CTrader WEB, when the main cTrader desktop application is not available from the broker ? The cTrader WEB has much reduced information, excluding the FIX Symbol ID

Spotware said:

Dear Traders, 

Please be advised that you can find FIX symbol ID in the symbol information window. Please be advised that those ID might be different for different brokers. 

To open Symbol Information window, click "i" button in the Symbol Description in the Marke watch section.

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Spotware since: 23 Sep 2013;

  22 Aug 2016, 17:46

Dear Traders,

Please be advised that there is no way to create the list of Symbol's FIX ID's due to the fact that they can be different for different brokers. We are planning to update the Symbol Information window for the cTrader Web in the nearest future. 

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