hide indicator

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khoshroomahdi since: 17 Jun 2021;

  24 Jul 2021, 16:07
hide indicator

ex: i have 2 stochastic in one windows. i have one button to show or hide one of them. 

 i dont know how can i do that. i know object have hidden property but i couldn't find this property for indicator.

is there possible to do that? how?

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amusleh since: 01 Mar 2021;

  26 Jul 2021, 08:33


cTrader doesn't have such a feature, but you can do it with a custom indicator.

Create your double Stochastic indicator and then use chart controls for showing/hiding one of the indicator outputs.

If the hide button got clicked you can fill the whole indicator output with NAN and it will disappear.

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