Get TickData for specific time Frame

tperalta82 since: 07 Jul 2020;

  16 Aug 2021, 05:58
Get TickData for specific time Frame

Hey guys,

Is it possible to get tick data only for a specific time frame instead of getting *all the tick data*

Like if I do a .GetTicks() it will get all the ticks for ?? the current visible chart ?? I think for some strategies this is overkill. Is it possible to get for a specific time frame?

Like GetTicks from a start date to an end date without filling all the memory with all the ticks (as it seems that it is what cTrader is doing)

Thanks in advance

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PanagiotisCharalampous since: 13 Jan 2017;

  16 Aug 2021, 08:57

Hi tperalta82,

No there is no such option at the moment.

Best Regards,


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