Make Drawing Interactive When Mouse Hover

FVAp since: 11 May 2020;

  28 Feb 2022, 23:07
Make Drawing Interactive When Mouse Hover

I created a custom Anchored Vwap and I use `Chart.DrawVerticalLine` to draw a line and move the custom Anchored VWAP.

I would like to make this VerticalLine interactive ONLY when the indicator is hovered over or selected. Is it possible?

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amusleh since: 01 Mar 2021;

  01 Mar 2022, 09:14


The mouse hover event for objects only works if the object is interactive, so if you are using this event and if you make your object non interactive then it will not work.

You can use combination of lock and interactive, set object IsLocked to True unless mouse hover over it.

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