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cTrader Automate

[TUTORIAL] Windows forms

  Hi, There is little documentation how to intera...


 12 Jun 2021, 21:12

cTrader Automate

Brainstorming/Discussion Strategy Encapsulation

  ClickAlgo said: Hi, Christian, Can you sup...


 12 Jun 2021, 16:23

cTrader Automate

Set curly brackets - not possible with CTRL ALT 7/0

  PanagiotisCharalampous said: Hi to both, N...


 11 Jun 2021, 19:07


market data: get only msg=W, no msg=X

  Hi ertul, When you subscibe to market data, the...


 11 Jun 2021, 15:53

cTrader Copy

change language in ctrader copy

  Hi, See below where you can change the language...


 11 Jun 2021, 15:49


Add destiny to [output directive to enable overriding the standard output choosen in the indicator.

    [Output("Price", IsOverlay = false, LineColor ...


 11 Jun 2021, 11:32


Alert for trend line ,indicators and other ctrader tools

  please add Alert tool for trendline ,price channel...


 11 Jun 2021, 08:52


Layout lock

  Sometimes I accidently detach or close chart tab. ...


 10 Jun 2021, 23:08

Partners Posts

Your cTrader Telegram Chat ID

  Many cTrader cBots and indicators require a Telegr...


 10 Jun 2021, 18:55

cBots API Help

How to learn faster

  ClickAlgo said: Hi, I am in the process of...


 10 Jun 2021, 18:04


Not receiving response from FIX for requests sent after MarketClosed error message

  Hi Francesc, You should be getting  a "Market C...


 10 Jun 2021, 15:21

cTrader Desktop

Software problem

  Hi, You can move the chart in anywh...


 10 Jun 2021, 15:08

Indicators API Help

Code for Correct Output Parameters

  Hi, You can use separate outputs for each time ...


 10 Jun 2021, 10:56

cTrader Desktop

Twitter Signal Service Experimentation

  Another trade yesterday and locked in TP Buy Si...


 10 Jun 2021, 07:09

cTrader Mobile

My app opens with only WiFi not 4G.

  Hi, guys I can't open C trader app with 4G but ...

 10 Jun 2021, 03:24

cTrader Automate

Execute with 1m data instead of tick

  Hi Is it possible to (test forward) run a cbot ...


 09 Jun 2021, 20:49

cTrader Desktop

Alarm cross tenkansen and kijunsen

  Hello I want to give my cross alarm time I f...


 09 Jun 2021, 19:06

cTrader Desktop

Lots instead of Volume

  Hi acl88, Of course you can. See below B...


 09 Jun 2021, 16:04

cTrader News & Announcements

cTrader Facebook Group Launch

  Dear traders, After a large number of your requ...


 09 Jun 2021, 09:36

cTrader Copy

Strategy account

  Hi anhphamtuan489, Unfortunately this is not po...


 09 Jun 2021, 07:53

cTrader Copy

Old wolf of wall street - Beware of the copycat!

  ctid2720557 said: ctid2720557 said: haba...


 09 Jun 2021, 03:40


Cbot template

  Hi,  I wish to to have free loaded cbot template w...


 08 Jun 2021, 12:23

cTrader Desktop

Drawing tools

  Hi, You can draw Fibonacci Expansion and Channe...


 08 Jun 2021, 12:05

cTrader Automate

Understanding of the state of bot.Positions if there is trade occur in the loop

  Hi, The positions collections will be updated i...


 08 Jun 2021, 12:04

cBots API Help

RSI to only use data from closed candles

  Hi, Try to put your entry code inside OnBar met...


 08 Jun 2021, 11:54