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Stay In Drawing Mode

  ftmo1613208989 said: It becomes quite tedious...


 03 Mar 2021, 01:35


A comprehensive chart template workspace

  I would like to propose an idea to enlarge the cur...


 02 Mar 2021, 22:25

cTrader Web

cTrader web with all cTrader desktop time-frames ***

  Hello, Please can you add all cTrader desktop time...

 02 Mar 2021, 21:34

Open API

How to Get last symbol price?

  Hi, I am very impressed by professional and qui...


 02 Mar 2021, 19:35

Open API

The existing connection was closed by remote server/ forcibly closed

  PanagiotisCharalampous said: Hi budda_dan2020...


 02 Mar 2021, 19:17

cTrader Copy

Copy balance

  Hi yuval.ein, Your money is always with your br...


 02 Mar 2021, 15:29

cTrader News & Announcements

New Features in cTrader Copy

  Hi robymall,  As per the above The Volume ...


 02 Mar 2021, 14:56

cTrader News & Announcements

What's New in cTrader Mobile 4.0

  Dear Trader,  We are pleased to share with you ...


 02 Mar 2021, 12:15


Trend line and indicator Alert

  please add trendline and indicator Alert


 02 Mar 2021, 12:13

Indicators API Help

Calculate tick value in account currency

  PanagiotisCharalampous said: var tickValue ...


 02 Mar 2021, 11:12

cBots API Help

access the values of Indicators.Fractals

  Hi xabbu, Here is an example v...


 02 Mar 2021, 10:47

cTrader News & Announcements

cTrader Community Member of the Month - January

  Nice initiative with the Award, Spotware. And c...


 02 Mar 2021, 08:23

cTrader Mobile

Differences between different screen sizes

  When we buy a device, we often see two things – sc...


 02 Mar 2021, 06:13

cTrader Desktop

synchronization off please!

  PanagiotisCharalampous said: Hi jcr1818, T...


 02 Mar 2021, 00:43



  porque o grafico de renko da plataforma cTrader n ...


 01 Mar 2021, 21:35

cTrader Desktop

Autochartist Tab

  Hi eelko14, Thanks, it is a known issue and it ...


 01 Mar 2021, 20:51


What are the sequence of FIX messages for realtime market data subscription?

  Hi jiminparky, You can find examples of request...


 01 Mar 2021, 20:38

cBots API Help

Object Get Price Value By Time

  juan.calmet said:    var lines = Chart.FindAl...


 01 Mar 2021, 20:01

cTrader Web

Can't create new orders or close open positions. QuickTrade bug.

  swapd0 said: Suddenly I can't close my positi...


 01 Mar 2021, 15:51

cTrader Automate

trading to a specific time

  Hi xabbu, Yes it should adjust automatically. ...


 01 Mar 2021, 15:20


ADD tickvolumes to Renko and Range instead of the standard 1

  Astonishing but true. Tickvolumes are NOT supporte...


 01 Mar 2021, 12:21

cTrader Automate

BarOpened event for a tick chart?

  Panagiotis your suggestion works like a charm: tha...


 01 Mar 2021, 12:12

cTrader Automate

How to draw a window at Mouse coordination in OnMouseMove

  The issue with your code is that you are using mou...


 01 Mar 2021, 11:30

cTrader Automate

1 tick and 3 different prices.

  Hi Shares4UsDevelopment, At the moment Tick Vol...


 01 Mar 2021, 11:28

cTrader Automate

Please bring back the export to excel option for back testing

  Hi linton.nkambule, Thanks for bringing this to...


 01 Mar 2021, 11:19