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cTrader Desktop

Frozen chart

  Hi walacymoreira, There is a known issue with I...


 31 May 2021, 09:07

cTrader Desktop

graphical display per second.

  Hi everson_imcomp, Thank you for the clarificat...


 31 May 2021, 08:59

cTrader Desktop

broker not showing on ctrader desktop

  Hi Safraz, Make sure you are using IC Markets c...


 31 May 2021, 08:55


Advanced Stop Loss is most important thing if it is possible ...


 30 May 2021, 22:59

Open API

New OpenAPI.NET demo

  Hi, Maybe you are running the Trading UI Demo o...


 30 May 2021, 14:39

cTrader Automate

Open trade when touches a line

  Hi, For horizontal lines you have to set and ha...


 30 May 2021, 10:23

cTrader Automate

Debugging in Visual Studio 2017 and Ctrader 4.0

      Do you have an idea what might...


 29 May 2021, 19:41

cTrader Web

Web vs Desktop

  For me the most usable feature on desktop that is ...


 29 May 2021, 14:05

cTrader Automate

How To Take Profits ??

  This worked by downloading a cBot program called M...


 29 May 2021, 12:44


Custom time frames in cTrader and cAlgo

  davven7729 said: deansi said: And second...


 29 May 2021, 10:31

cTrader Automate

back test several symbols

  Thank you PanagiotisCharalampous ! Your code is...


 29 May 2021, 00:38

cTrader Desktop

Bollinger Bands Main changed to exponential after update

  PanagiotisCharalampous said: Hi iddqd, Tha...


 28 May 2021, 23:31

cTrader Copy

cTrader Copy Admin Needed

  Hello, A strategy called " Ant " is spamming pa...


 28 May 2021, 13:33

cTrader Web

Fibonacci Retracement bug

  PanagiotisCharalampous said: Hi mthazim428, ...


 28 May 2021, 13:13


ctrader timeframe

  can you add seconds timeframe in ctrader..there is...


 28 May 2021, 13:06


ROI calculation incorrect

  PanagiotisCharalampous said: Hi ctid2720557, ...


 28 May 2021, 11:57

cTrader Copy

button to become strategy provider disappeared

  Hi SafeSimpleScalps, Can you please provide a s...


 28 May 2021, 07:54

cTrader Desktop

Can not create a new order

  Hi edunavy_89, Can you please provide us with t...


 28 May 2021, 07:36

Open API

Python client for Open Api 2

  # send a ProtoOAAccountAuthReq with data c.emit...


 28 May 2021, 07:17


A feature suggestion for spread scissors openings

  Take profit and stop loss will not be deleted when...


 27 May 2021, 23:44


Extend Fibonacci levels to the right

  Please add the option to extend Fibonacci levels/d...


 27 May 2021, 21:07

cTrader Desktop

FIB Expansion tool

  And please add the option to extend lines indefini...


 27 May 2021, 20:49

Indicators API Help

OutputAttribute "LineColor" change issue

  Hi, You can't use reflection to get the user se...


 27 May 2021, 18:36

cBots API Help

Drawing Horizontal lines on multi charts

  Hi romanoc, Unfortunately this is not possible....


 27 May 2021, 16:22

cTrader Desktop

Equity drawdown

  Hi hao.han, Unfortunately this information cann...


 27 May 2021, 15:58