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cTrader Desktop

Zoom should not care about the lines I have drawn on the chart

  Hi lazar.florinmihai, This might have happened ...


 27 May 2021, 15:23

Open API

Calculating P/L

  Hi, Before sending a ProtoOANewOrderReq/ProtoOA...


 27 May 2021, 09:58


Delay in connection

  Hi there, We cannot reproduce such a behavior n...


 27 May 2021, 09:23

cTrader Copy

BUG: Position not closed in followers accounts

  Hi TracyQ, Can we have the strategy name, the f...


 27 May 2021, 09:12


Can't route request in FIX API

  I'm going to try this.


 26 May 2021, 18:08

Indicators API Help

zig zag with percent

  Looking for someone who can code me an indicator (...


 26 May 2021, 17:52

cTrader Mobile

watchlist should be with bid & ask price

  Hi, Your application is good though but I perso...


 26 May 2021, 16:32

cBots API Help

Is it possible to use Radio buttons, Checkboxes in GUI (regarding to Sample Trading Panel)

  Hi, Please check the Checkbox and radio button ...


 26 May 2021, 14:46


Trendline price alerts

  Make it possible to set price alerts based on tren...


 26 May 2021, 14:17

cTrader Automate

Need a business Partner

  Hi There, I am IT developer engineer. I have be...


 26 May 2021, 12:24

cBots API Help

Cbot not to open trade when news is coming.

  Hi,  good day.  I need help,  I would like to k...


 25 May 2021, 23:13

cTrader Copy

RE: Copier not matching in my account?

  Hi Not sure what happened here but the amount I...


 25 May 2021, 20:25

cTrader Copy


  Hello This is end of May update, I copy myself as ...


 25 May 2021, 16:20


TradingView Charts Natively in Ctrader

  Hi , It would be nice to have the option to rep...


 25 May 2021, 16:06

cTrader Desktop

differences and purposes of different postion IDs

  Hi Tengu, You can read about the differences be...


 25 May 2021, 15:30

cTrader Web

Ctrader is slow to load and constantly losers charts

  Yeah, same here, it takes ages to load, even the l...


 25 May 2021, 10:37

cBots API Help

Supertrend SL and Trail

  Hi firemyst, Issues with SuperTrend have been r...


 25 May 2021, 08:55

cTrader Automate

Printing/Showing cBot data on the screen

  Hi tradeandinvest31, Can you please share your ...


 25 May 2021, 08:28

cTrader Automate

Sample code to drag and drop a line on a chart after a bot draws it?

  Hi firemyst, This method is triggered every tim...


 25 May 2021, 07:57

cTrader News & Announcements

What's New in cTrader Desktop 4.0

  Hi Team, HotKey Ctrl + W - Show/hide Tradewatch...


 25 May 2021, 00:59


allow the robots interact with other windows automation tools like macro express, autohotkey , so multiple bots can be called

  Promising suggestion, even though it's old. I thin...


 24 May 2021, 18:03


Search/ Go To Date Function

  If you would like a 'go to date' function, vote th...


 24 May 2021, 14:12

cTrader Desktop

Prompt before closing Chart

  Please vote here to implement a solution to this: ...


 24 May 2021, 13:51

cTrader Desktop

Recovering mistakenly closed chart?

  Please vote here for this idea to be implemented: ...


 24 May 2021, 13:50


Prompt (pop-up window) before closing chart that has objects on it

  Sometimes, you may close a chart by accident. This...


 24 May 2021, 13:49