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I understand that - at the moment - you can't add custom indicators to the Web option for cTrader, but I don't see - technically - why this is so.

I'm forced to use the web interface because the memory leaks on the Windows version require me to restart cTrader frequently - this is a function of the number of tabs I have open in the application. On the web interface, the memory useage is controlled by the browser - in my case, Firefox - rather than the application as is the case with the native Windows app.

And just in case you're thinking that it's my hardware that's the problem - it's not. I'm running a Xeon with 8 GB of RAM.

So, either the memory leakage has to be fixed or allow us to put our own custom indicators and bots into the web app so thjat we aren't forced to use the Windows application - or even better yet, get one that works on a real OS - like Linux. Now there's a challenge!

Thanks for your time.

Unfortunately, I'm such a sceptic that I truly believe that this post will be ignored. Hey, but at least I've made my point.
Maybe it's time to look for another application!

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Thanks for your suggestion. Supporting custom indicators in the web app is just not realistic from many perspectives. 

I think the issue that needs to be addressed is the memory leak. Typically how many charts and windows do you have open on the desktop app when you are hit with an issue? Have you ever reported this to us directly so we can collect additional details. 


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06 Aug 2019, 19:04#3
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still is same? Cannot be ADD any custom indicator to Web cTrader?

But How can I trade on MacBook ?


Thank you