Trigger Trailing Stop after x Pips

Created at 24 Oct 2017, 18:02

Trigger Trailing Stop after x Pips
24 Oct 2017, 18:02

hello, Can you please add an option to trigger Trailing Stop after X pips profit. Right now when you enable Trailing Stop it start immediately moving SL toward profitable zone. and then a market reversal and your SL is easily hit resulting in Loss.

SO there must be an option to enable trailing stop only if your position is in profit and you decide when to enable it.



Panagiotis Charalampous
25 Oct 2017, 09:02


Thanks for your suggestion. In the meanwhile, you could try using this cBot /forum/calgo-reference-samples/11677. It implements training stop loss an has a TriggerWhenGaining parameter, which is what you need.

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