cTrader Web - Reverse Position Take / Profit Problem

Created at 10 Jan 2018, 11:57


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cTrader Web - Reverse Position Take / Profit Problem
10 Jan 2018, 11:57

I have a suggestion, which is possibly a solution to a logical bug.

While using cTrader Web, I often use "Reverse Position" to turn a BUY into a SELL, or vice versa. This is a unique feature.

If there is an existing Take/Profit on the trade, it is NOT moved into the new reversed trade, as you would expect. Rather, the new trade (in the opposite direction) gets the take/profit (in pips) from the default "QuickTrade" -> Info window setting.

Now, I had set a default in the QuickTrade for Market Order -> Take / Profit, but I only expected this value to be the default when entering a new trade.

So here is an example of what seems to happen:

I enter Long XAUUSD 0.1 Lots, and set take/profit = 100 pips. Some time later however, the market falls strongly, so I use the "Reverse Position" button.

In the new window, the Take Profit = 100 pips (modifiable), so I change "Buy" to "Sell", then click Modify.

The old position is closed, and the new position is opened - but I don't notice that the setting for take profit is NOT 100 pips - it is taken from the settings in the QuickTrade ->Info window (15 pips at this point). So soon, the trade closes, at ONLY 15 pips profit.

Now, I could "cheat" and set the default setting for Take / Profit = 100 pips, but I might later change the actual Take / Profit IN THE TRADE ITSELF to something else, say 120 pips. But cTrader would just continue to apply the 100 pips Take / Profit in the reversal - causing confusion.

In other words, I suggest that it seems logical to either (1) Use the Take Profit as it is in the trade window, OR (2) Change the take / profit to something else. Then click Modify, and the position is reversed, along with the required take / profit (pips) that you see in the window (or changed) - not some other take / profit from a setting for trade entry.