Fast Chart Navigation

Created at 02 Mar 2018, 09:48
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Fast Chart Navigation
02 Mar 2018, 09:48

Hi Spotware,

The platform really needs a method for fast chart navigation, software vendors could exploit an API method to provide useful tools to allow the trader to navigate to any chart with a click of the mouse over a symbol and or timeframe.

I am sure some traders have multiple charts open and they would need to quickly view a certain chart within a second and not have to look through the tabs to find the one they want, this could make a big difference to the trader.

With this method in the API, it opens all types of possibilities for 3rd party products to enhance the user's experience.

Also, the ability to assign a theme template to a chart programmatically would be a bonus.

Paul Hayes
cTrader Software Vendor
Phone: (44) 203 289 6573



Andrey Pisarev
02 Mar 2018, 12:58

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your suggestions!

We are planning to add methods to work with charts when we start to work on multi-currency backtesting.
Changing symbol/timeframe is in our backlog as well.

Methods for themes are planned as well. But for next version, we already have new API for chart settings that repeat settings available from UI:

  • Color setting for getting and setting chart colors
  • Chart display settings to show/hide chart elements
  • Properties for chart type and zoom
  • Events for changes in settings listed above



02 Mar 2018, 15:36

Thanks Andrey,

I will take a look at the new API.