Chart vertical resize


SVGuss since: 18 Aug 2013;

  19 Aug 2013, 08:19
Chart vertical resize

If I understand correctly, at the moment the chart window can be zoomed out vertically by clicking, holding and moving the scale area down. And there is no limit as to how "narrow" you can make the chart look like. But if you try to zoom IN vertically, the limit is that, I guess, the highest and lowest element withing the window (price or indicator value) must be visible. You can't make the chart any "bigger" vertically. It would be good to override that limitation, cause of you use some kind of pivot, or Bollinger Bands, or just have a spike, the price is stuck very narrow and it's hard to trade.

I hope my not native English was good enough to convey the idea :) Thanks.

SVGuss since: 18 Aug 2013;

  19 Aug 2013, 08:33

SVGuss said:

I guess, this will require a possibility to "move" the chart in all directions by clicking and holding on it. In MT4, for example, you can do it by choosing "scale fix" in the chart options box. Sierra Charts also makes it possible, and, I believe, lots of other software.

stanfordpbratton since: 24 Apr 2021;

  24 Apr 2021, 00:51
You need to be able to stretch charts vertically

This is an important feature which is needed. If you have a busy chart with lots of indicators it is hard to see the chart. You need to be able to stretch the chart vertically.