CTrader layout v.s. screen space optimization

06 Feb 2019, 05:13CTrader layout v.s. screen space optimization#1
dmn posts: 75since: 26 Nov 2018

Howdy, this topic keeps coming up. Picture worth 1000 words.

I often use multiple monitors, which makes screen space less of an issue. But detached chart windows behave a little differently when trading, eg, the ATP window appears on the monitor with the main app window, even if I am trading from and activated the ATP settings from a detached chart on another monitor. I trade from detached charts because they are more efficient with screen usage ;)

When travelling and trading from a [large gaming] laptop, screen realestate is vital. Please consider this request.

At a minimum, please allow a fullscreen toggle function that only shows the contents within the yellow frame.


06 Feb 2019, 14:58#2
Andrew Parishposts: 22since: 04 Nov 2017

Very nice post, I agree with everything you have said 100%.

Just to add, pretty much everything on the vertical left-hand bar added to each chart can be accessed by simply right-clicking on the chart.

07 Feb 2019, 04:26#3
dmn posts: 75since: 26 Nov 2018

Andrew, thanks for the support.

I can live with extra menu/button clutter in single-chart mode, but mult-charts in one window = too much redundant tools etc on each chart.

Right click contextual menus and hot keys can access all settings on the fly, agreed. And larger setting dialogue windows can do the rest, activate the dialogue via the right click contextual menu.

Trading View (a big yuck for trading, but good for viewing) have a nice full screen toggle mode. Hides all 4 sizes of menus etc and just shows the chart, no other settings. Esc to revert.


07 Feb 2019, 16:26#4
Andrew Parishposts: 22since: 04 Nov 2017

Yep, let's hope there is an official response on the matter soon.

09 Feb 2019, 07:05#5
dmn posts: 75since: 26 Nov 2018

And one day forum post editing, so I can fix my nonsensical auto-correct and typo errors. :)

eg, "Hides all 4 sizes of menus" = Hides all 4 sides of menus.

Anyway, I like cTrader as a foundation. It is good that they work with users to enhance the hands-on trading experience as time goes by. There are some good platforms out there, but their limited broker connections make them almost useless. cTrader might just hit the sweet spot combination in coming years.