Add plugins/extensions to cTrader

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afhacker since: 15 Oct 2015;

  01 May 2019, 09:31
Add plugins/extensions to cTrader

What will cTrader Plug-in/extension will do:

The plug-in will be very similar to a cBot but it will be running upon cTrader open and until it's closed, it will have much more access to the platform than a cBot like:

* Being able to draw objects on all open charts
* Having a list of all open charts
* Being able to open/close charts
* It will know which chart currently has the focus
* Being able to change a chart time frame or symbol
* Do trading operations similar to cBot
* Add new chart types
* Access the platform settings
* Access installed custom indicators/cBots
* Attach new indicators or cBots to a chart
* Add icon(s) to a plug-ins specified toolbar (the toolbar will be for all plug-ins) so if a user clicks on that toolbar icon a method on related plug-in will be executed, developers can use that method to show a window or do anything they want to

Those were the must-have features for plug-ins, and a user will be able to enable/disable or install/uninstall plug-ins from his/her platform.

You can design it the way you want to but I'm sure you got my idea.

If you add the plug-ins/extensions the platform features will be extended by third-party developers and most of the user suggestions is possible to be added via those plug-ins/extensions.
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TraderExperto since: 07 Jun 2019;

  17 Sep 2020, 04:24
Very Big Ctrader Improvement

I think it would help a lot not just the developers, but all the Ctrader users too. Given the possibility to create Plugins will improve a lot the user experience through more advanced applications that can be installed on the Ctrader platform, like others Platforms.